FEMINA is a double screen audio-visual performance, in which echoes of polyphonic choirs are layered on the composition of original electronic music, all the while samples of Renaissance paintings are deconstructed by transforming them into an evolving stream of images responsive to sound.

The project explores the idea of grace and, more importantly, the eye that defines it during the Renaissance, that of the painters, who accorded it par excellence to the feminine figure. Can this elusive concept of beauty-in-motion acquire new meanings in the digital domain? This is the question that has driven the project since its beginning.


Format: A/V Performance | 2ch HD projection, 4ch sound
Year: 2023
Duration: 40’

F E M I N A relies on the study of communication between an aesthetic of the Digital as a transparent medium and an aesthetic of the Digital as an unveiled process. Through processing focused on some particular artworks of the Italian tradition, the aim was to establish a connection between the analytical and creative potential of the Digital, to reconcile an exchange of expressiveness between past and present.

During the performance the golden section, dear to Renaissance masters, comes into dialogue with alternative proportions and math principles, which are manageable thanks to the computational power of Jitter’s algorithms. Similarly, vocal polyphonies are treated through deliberately exaggerated quantization and resynthesis processing that alters their nature; the resulting samples, while retaining memory of those distant harmonies, are able to relate with the sculptured sounds of electronic music.